Me and a buddy play Keep Talking and No One Explodes for #IndieXmas

I haven’t been posting as much as i would have liked too this week as i’ve been busy helping some friends with a massive undertaking: #IndieXmas. Just like we did back in Halloween we’ve been giving away tons of free indie games asking only that people give their honest opinions about them over social media. We’ve also been streaming a ton of games and interviews with developers over the last week. Today was even meant to be the last day but we’ve got so many codes left that the ringleader of this insanity, IndieGamerChick, will probably be giving out codes until the 31st! so if you want to git in on this go follow her on twitter @IndieGamerChick (which you should be doing already, she’s amazing). You should also follow my bud Nelson from the video @WritNelson as he’s been doing a bulk of the streams and interviews. And you can also follow me on twitter @LudophileWill. If you haven’t already, come join in the fun!

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