PS+ Free games for January 2017

While not all the games i’ve gotten from my PS+ membership have been great, i’ve been more or less happy with having paid for it. Next months roundup should have me excited as this are both games i’ve been wanting to play for a while now but never had the chance. But something has been bothering me: The Little Ones was DLC.

While i am currently trying to get some kind of compensation as to whether or not The Little Ones will play as a stand alone game for those who download it as a part of the promotion, i’ve gotten no word as of yet. If not, then this strikes me as an incredibly tactless way to get people to buy the main game. With how well reviewed and beloved it was, there really shouldn’t be a need for this kind of thing.

If and when i hear back from either Sony or 11 Bit Studios i’ll make an addendum post clarifying their position.

3 thoughts on “PS+ Free games for January 2017

  1. The Little Ones is just what the console version of This War of Mine was called. You get the core game + The Little Ones DLC bundled together, so don’t fret!

    I don’t mind paying for PS Plus since I buy a lot of digital games during their weekly sales. The extra percentage off as a Plus subscriber pays for itself rather quickly. These incentive games are just icing on the cake! Though I do look forward to my monthly dose of cross-platform indies to play on my Vita.

    I already did a little write-up on this over on my blog, but Day of the Tentacle: Remastered and Titan Souls are both fantastic games. Azkend 2 is mostly enjoyable on Vita, even as a casual mobile-type experience. Not a bad month overall, really.

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