Addendum on PS+ January Games

A little while a go i wrote a small peace on the upcoming free games on PS+. In the post i mentioned a worry over the fact that “This War of Mine: The Little Ones” was one of the included games, and too my knowledge that was a DLC and i worried it may force players to buy the main game in order to play. Well, my buddy over at Cheap Boss Attack  said that it would be the full game, and i was going to leave it at that as i wasn’t sure 11 Bit Studio would ever respond to my inquiry. But, to my surprise they did in fact email me back confirming that the PS4 addition of the game was simply named after the expansion and would be playable for anyone who picks it up next month.

One thought on “Addendum on PS+ January Games

  1. Having played This War Of Mine on Steam, where The Little Ones is a ten-dollar piece of DLC, I was definitely confused when I watched the PS Plus video. However, I doubted that Sony would be so pathetic as to offer DLC as the ‘free game’ of the month. Glad it’s all cleared up now though.


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