Quest of Dungeons Trailer and Impressions

I am equal parts intrigued and offended by this trailers existence. See, everything i have an issue with seems to be part of the gag, but the gag itself almost seems like an easy out for the stuff i have an issue with. It’s almost like when you tell someone a joke them made was incredibly racist and they reply with “it was satire”. So the question is: will this be Blazing Saddles were the jokes do work in context, or is this a Seth Macfarlane property?

Okay, so what do i have an issue with? First off: how many frames of animation do you see in this trailer? Movement changes character positions without any real movements happening and the only animations i saw in the combat was in the projectiles. There is so little animation in this trailer that i honestly can not tell if the design pRhilosophy was “less is more” or “how little can i get away with”. But the thing that really bothers me is the very end of the trailer. “Outstanding-RogueRogui Magazine”

RogueRogui Magazine is a fake magazine. The trailer admits that RogueRogui Magazine is a fake magazine. This might have been a joke, but it’s played so strait that it’s honestly hard to tell. I didn’t even see the disclaimer on my first watch. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually an attempt to trick players with the discalmer only there to cover their basses.

BUT, but, maybe this is all part of the gag. The trailer opens in such a way that you know it’s not something to be taken seriously, so maybe all of my issues are part of that. I don’t know, and i’d be really interested in finding out.


One thought on “Quest of Dungeons Trailer and Impressions

  1. I reviewed this when it released on Xbox One a little over a year ago and really enjoyed it. It’s a bit on the comedic side, as a typical party of adventurers nominates just one of their group to hunt down some magical lantern, fully expecting them to never return. There’s not a lot of animation, as you pointed out, but the gameplay hook and randomization is relatively fun.

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