Typoman: Revised Trailer and Impressions

With the subheading “Revised” i’m going to assume this is the second or so game in their series. If that is the case: shame on you reader. Shame on you from not bringing this to my attention sooner. I mean, yeah i should be way more diligent in a field i hope to work in someday and probably should have already known about this. But clearly this is your fault becuase i couldn’t be that bad at my job to not have already known this existed. Right? Moving on before i have another extensional crisis….

Typoman: Revised is a game about words, and as i lover of words i kind of love that idea. Sure it looks like it’ll be a breeze for anyone who passed 5th grade, but with the tone and art style, i think that’ll be enough to make this worth checking out. That tone and style has also endured the game somewhat too me as well. And you know what i really like? The tone and aesthetics hearken back to a day when children’s entertainment wasn’t afraid to scare the little shits. There’s a scene near the end where an enemy looks like it’s about to rip off HERO’s head, and it looks freaking gruesome….well, as gruesome as word on word violence can be, but still. It’s like when you think about how Stranger Things would have been a kids movie back in the 80’s, and how little material like that is missing now a days. And i think i’m starting to ramble. Anywyas, looks good, want to give Typoman a spin. How about you?

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