Prey First 11 Minutes and Impressions

I believe it was Stan Lee who once said “Every Comic is Somebodies First Comic”. He said this too illustrate  the importance of writing comics in a way in which new comers can become long time fins. It is more or less that reason why most games open up with a tutorial: So that anyone who plays, even if they never touched a game before in their life, can learn how to play. A good tutorial can make a game.

This is not a good tutorial.

Yes, it teaches you what you need to know, but the set up feels patronizing. And before going farther i want to point out that maybe that’s the point, and in context that will make since. Maybe that is exactly how the game wants you too feel. But going off this video, the set up just doesn’t make any sense. What exactly is to be gained by doing studies where a grown man….movies boxes? The last bit, with the questions, was okay if a bit trite. I mean, that was the same kind of stuff we talked about in my philosophy 100 class. Other than that, everything here feels like it’s talking down to the player.

Compare that to one of my favorite tutorials: the first level of God of War 1. I still hold that the first God of War was a masterpiece, but a large part of that was in how it taught you to play. By the end of it you killed a fucking hydra, you felt as bad ass as Kratos was said to be. In fact, the guys at Extra Credits did a great video on the topic. I’ll Link it HERE if i can find it. If not….there wont be a link…obviously.

I’m not using this to make a statement on the game itself: i’m still looking forward to it and am really excited to see what the final product is like. The game proper might be one of the best this year, we wont know until it’s released. All that being said, this is still a shit way to introduce the game.

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