Middle Earth: Shadow of War Trailer and Impressions

I didn’t care much for Shadow of Mordor. Naturally that means i’m not exactly “excited” by the fact that it’s getting a sequel. However, i did say it my review that alot of my issues with Shadow of Mordor weren’t so much becuase the game was bad, but i just couldn’t get along with some of the core design. That kind of thing just happens from time to time. Because of this, i don’t know what to expect from this new game. If they “fix” the issues i had with the first game, the devs run the risk of undermining that games identity. If they stick to their guns, well, then there’s not much for me to get excited about. Either way, i can’t say i care much about this announcement one way or the other. I hope those you who are excited about the game get something fun out of it.

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