Streets of Rogue Launch Trailer and Impre

I was actually lucky enough to get to play the alpha for Streets of Rogue. While i’m sure a lot will have changed between then and now, the alpha left a good impression. The alpha had some balance issues; due to the random generation of the levels, some times the class you picked would be pretty much useless as there was nothing fro them to take advantage of, but after telling the dev about that on twitter he did say that was something he meant to fix. That was the only real issue i had with the alpha, and i’m super interested in seeing if and how it was dealt with.

Addendum: Due to the press email i received and the wording surrounding the game’s launch i was thinking this was about to see full release. That is not the case. This Friday the game will inter into Early Access, with no real date (to my knowledge) set for the full release.

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