Dauntless PAX East Trailer and Impressions

It’s games like Dauntless that almost make me hate this whole “trying to be a real games journalist” thing. The game looks good, don’t misunderstand. I have no issue covering the game whatsoever. But see, i was actually got into the closed alpha. Wanna know how much i got to play? Nothing. With working on reviews, school work and trying to sleep enough that the overall quality of both of those didn’t reach a point i was unsatisfied with, i just never got around to it. Yes, woe is me, surly future generations will sing praises of my sacrifices for non have suffered as much as I. Sarcasm aside, this does look really good and i do hope i get some hands on time with it before i die. I’ve never really gotten into the whole “Monster Hunter” thing, but this looks like a good introduction to that kind of gameplay. I mean, Final Fantasy 15 was basically just, “Final Fantasy: Minster Hunter”, but the game play was still very much rooted in fast and over the top action. I’m looking forward to the slower and weightier approach to combat that’s shown here. Maybe it’s just the Souls nerd in my that really likes these kinds of slower, animation based combat systems, but once you mix that with the bright and cartoon visuals and you pretty much have perfect “William Bait”. Hell, add in some Heavy Metal to the soundtrack and it might even be a conflict of interest for me to keep talking about it becuase of how much i enjoy each component.

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