Starcraft Remastered Trailer and Impressions

I’ve never really understood Starcraft. To be more accurate i’ve never gotten the whole RTS genre. That’s not really a good thing when you’re trying to make a name for yourself writing about video games. But yeah, i’ve always been one of those people who would rather shoot the bad guy rather than tell someone to do it. Because of that my feeling about this remaster are rather mixed. On one hand, yeah, this might give me an excuse to start digging into a genre i know little about with an updated version of one of it’s most notable franchises. On the other hand, nothing about this really makes me want to play it. I’m sorry to, like….the entirety of South Korea and the esports community, the only two places where i know Starcraft matters, but holy hell this just looks so god damn boring. Honestly, if you can explain the appeal of Starcraft to me then you’re probably more qualified to talk about games that i am i would appreciate it greatly.

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