We Happy Few gets Release Date and New Trailer

It was Jim Sterling who first introduced me to We Happy Few. With our opinions often lining up, his excitement for the game made it hard for me to not want to excited also, but as i saw more and more from this upcoming Compulsion Games title, the less i cared. The game seemed slow and tedious, and after a while i simply stopped caring. This trailer is cut in such a way that it looks like this has been addressed, but when you really look at it we don’t  get enough gameplay footage to know for sure. That kind of bothers me. I remember a while ago there was a demo or beta that garnered a lot of criticism, and if the dev team wanted to show that they’ve fixed those issues, wouldn’t they want to…you know….show it?

I don’t know, maybe i’m being to hard. Maybe i’m letting my preconceived notions get the better of me, but this trailer hasn’t sold me on the game. Maybe between now and April we’ll get a better look, maybe another demo, and then it will be easier to judge. But for now i’m still “that guy” who isn’t excited.

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