Still Time Trailer and Impressions

Time manipulation is an interesting power. It can ease tension when it comes to trial and error (ala Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), but it can also be the bases of some truly genius puzzle design (like Braid). But it can also be a lazy “get out of jail free” card like in…well, almost every action game with a slowmo mechanic. I didn’t say “bad”, mind you, i said “lazy. There’s a difference.

Still Time is clearly aiming for that “genius puzzle design” category, and i’d be interested to see how it does. This trailer doesn’t really show off anything too unexpected, but that makes sense as the dev wouldn’t want to give away their best idea’s. But when the games looks this good and as much time and effort clearly went into making the trailer it’s hard to not want to give the game the benefit of the doubt.


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