About Ludophile Lab


About Ludophile Lab

Welcome, my name is William Shelton and this is the Ludophile Laboratory. Here I’ll be experimenting on New and Classic games to find the best and worst the medium has to offer. This is what you’ll find on this site:


Naturally this is were i’ll review games i’ve played. Games are scored on a 10 point scale in six categories,

  1. Story
  2. Game Play,
  3. Visuals
  4. Music and Sound
  5. Replay Value
  6. Reviewer Tilt

…with an Overall Score being averaged out of those.

Topic Dissections:

This is where i’ll take a look at a topic and give my thoughts. This could be on a trend in gaming, the gaming community or just something interesting I’d like talk about in a little more depth that normal posts.

Lab Notes:

These are personal, weekly accounts of what’s been going on with me. This may or may not be gaming related, but these will help you get to know me as a person.

You also find Trailer and Demo impressions. These are not endorsements for or agents whatever game I’m talking about, just me reacting to the trailer. However, as I am a fan and a person, my own personal likes and dislikes will shine through. If you disagree with my opinion great, feel free to leave a (respectful) comment and i’ll more than happily have a conversation about any topic.

About Me:

I’m 24 years old and currently attending Spokane Community College and hoping to get a degree in journalism. I’m hoping to make video game journalism my full time job, with a Specific interest in working for Destructoid.