Lab Notes

#1: Back to School and into Yharnam
Week of April 4th- April 8th. I talk about my first week of spring quarter, a new band i’ve fallen and love with and Bloodbourn.

#2:Dark Souls is Even Harder when You Can’t Move Your Arms
Week of April 11th-April 15th. Dark Souls is hard. Exercising for the first time in 6 years is also hard. Doing both in the same week….that’s really hard.

#3: Death, Doom and DeathDoom
Dealing with Depression, wanting to die and doing just that in Dark Souls while listening to music that personifies all of that at once.

#4: A Stressful Week 
This week was a hard one. People need to shut up, my workload refuses to go down and i feel like shit for not posting more.

#5: Alpha and Beta or Attack of the Demos
I spent this week with the Nioh Alpha and Overwatch Beta.

#6: Dark Souls, Dark Metal and Dark Thoughts
I finished Dark Souls and Started NG+, found a death metal band inspired by Souls lore and worry about the future

#7: Maybe Multiplayer isn’t all that Bad
This week I played some C.O.D Multiplayer…and didn’t hate myself afterwards!

#8: Good TV and Dumb Comics
I talk about some non-gaming related things this week. One guess as to what exactly it is i talk about.

#9: Schools Out For Summer (Schools Out For Ever)
I celibate the end of another quarter and talk about my plans for the summer.

#10: A Damn Good Week
This was a damn good week for me. I mean, this was easily my best week this year.

#11: Lets Watch TV
I talk about some TV and Movies i watched this week, namely “Preacher”, “Ip Man 3” and “Orange is the New Black”

#12: Finally Beat Bloodborne and Project 1K a Day
After a few months i’ve finally beat Bloodborne, the first game i got for my PS4. On top of that, i’ve made a new goal for my blog that i hope helps me become a better, more proficient writer.

#13: Strange Swiss Army Things and Other Tales
I watched Swiss Army Man and Stranger Thing. Both really good and worth a watch.

#14: Dealing with Negativity
For the first time i felt like an idiot for sharing my work and questioned how much i really want to do this.

#15: Making Progress
Just what it says: I’ve been making progress lately, and i wanted to talk about it.

#16: The Reason There Were No Posts This Week
I had a hard week and just needed to talk about it

#17: My Adventures in PC Gaming
It took 3 weeks for me to get my new gaming PC ready to use. Why? Find out here.

#18: Fall Quarter is Done And the Future for Ludophile Lab!
I talk a bit about the issues i’ve had over the past few months and what that might mean going forward.

#19: Where Have I Been?
I talk about why i haven’t posted in a while.