Doom and Wolfenstein 2 are coming to Switch

Unlike most people, I don’t believe Nintendo need third party support the way Microsoft and Sony do. They could easily keep keep themselves afloat with just their first party IP’s. That’s not to say, however, that i don’t want them to be more competitive in the console market, and third party support would help there. The fact they don’t need 3rd party games also means there’s no real reason not to have them on their platform. This kind of thing can only be good for everyone involved.

And so we come to todays big news: Bethesda is bringing Doom and Wolfenstein 2 to the Switch. And like i said, this is good for everyone. Nintendo is going to get it’s cut, Bethesda gets to bring it’s games to a new audience and gamers get at least one more really solid game for their console (yes, yes, i’m looking foreword to Wolfenstein 2  as well, but i haven’t played it so i’m not going to say it’s “good” yet. But let’s face it, the game will most likely kick ass). Plus, Nintendo gets the added benefit of diversifying their library with a genre they (to my knowledge) have never made before without having to do any work. And, unless these ports are really, really bad, this should also help get rid of the idea that the Switch isn’t “powerful” enough to handle AAA titles, which in tern should help persuade more studio’s to port their titles to the console as well.

Doom First 18 Minutes and Impressions

You want to know my favorite part of this video is? The fact that the game play starts about 40 seconds into the video. As much as i believe in the power of video game story telling, some days you just want to hit start and begin killing stuff, context and cutscenes be damned. And if you’re like me and that’s something you miss, looks like Doom’s got you covered. Once the action starts there’s hardly a break from it in the 18 minute video, and early review impressions lead me to think that’s not going to be any different in the rest of the game. This could easily become tedious, but the game play looks fun and there is sure to be more variety as the game goes on. So long as more demons and more guns are introduced at a steady enough pace, i can’t see myself complaining that the game is “only” about killing demons.

I’m looking forward to this one. Not only does the game play look fun as hell and a far cry from most other shooter released today, but the game almost feel made with me in mind: you killing demons, an agent of superstition, with tools made my mankind’s intellect on freaking Mars. The only eay this could be any more my thing is if DoomGuy was instead a hot lesbian scientist and the end boss was god himself.