Battleborn goes Free to Play (Kinda). In Other News: Battleborn is Still a Thing

I’ve never played Battleborn. Like with pretty much everyone, i went with Overwatch as my multiplayer shooter of choice when the two games were coming out. While i don’t regret that decision, i am some what saddened by the bum wrap Battleborn has gotten. Other than the fact the two are both hero shooters, the two don’t seem to have much else in common, with Battleborn taking much more inspiration from the MOBA genre than Overwatch ever did. I think, had the public been kinder, there was more than enough space for both games. Sadly that just wasn’t in the cards, and Battleborn swiftly faded into obscurity.

But you know what, bless Gearboxes little hearts, becuase they are doing everything they can to fight that. While part of that was a cringy attempt to jump on the Overwatch porn train, their newest idea isn’t so bad: go free to play. The problem is everything they don’t tell you in the trailer. They make it clear that only the multiplayer is free (as if anyone cares about the games story or lore), but you can play as much as you want. However, unless you spend money you are limited to a roster of 6 of the games 30 heros a week. From what i understand, this is something a lot of MOBA’s do, but what bothers me is the fact they didn’t state this in the trailer. I might not have had to do a whole lot of digging to find this information out, but it was still more than necessary.

Once more, i’ve never played Battleborn so this is pure speculation on my part but here’s my issue. If you get good enough at Overwatch (which i very much am not) you soon learn that there are checks and balances for each character. I really enjoy playing at Junkrat, but he’s more or less useless against Pharah as she’s often out of my reach. A (good) Widowmaker player can easily deal with Pharah however. And so on, and so on. If that’s true for Battleborn, by restricting the player roster for free players, you’re putting them at a disadvantage as they can’t take full advantage of those checks and balances. And if this is true for Battleborn, this attempt at going free to play will soon become an exorcises in the worst kinds of psychological bullying these kinds of games are known for. I’m not against Devs making money off their work, but this looks to me like a half measure with too much potential to go the wrong way. While it may piss off the….three?…people that actually bought Battleborne, maybe a better way forward would have been to simply go fully free to play. To be fair, i have no idea if the game has the kind of infrastructure to support that kind of change (i.e., is their anything worth spending money on? loot boxes, cosmetics, that kind of thing?). But for right now i’m interested to see where this goes, if it goes any where.



PS+ Free games for January 2017

While not all the games i’ve gotten from my PS+ membership have been great, i’ve been more or less happy with having paid for it. Next months roundup should have me excited as this are both games i’ve been wanting to play for a while now but never had the chance. But something has been bothering me: The Little Ones was DLC.

While i am currently trying to get some kind of compensation as to whether or not The Little Ones will play as a stand alone game for those who download it as a part of the promotion, i’ve gotten no word as of yet. If not, then this strikes me as an incredibly tactless way to get people to buy the main game. With how well reviewed and beloved it was, there really shouldn’t be a need for this kind of thing.

If and when i hear back from either Sony or 11 Bit Studios i’ll make an addendum post clarifying their position.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free Trial

According to this Forbes article, Infinite Warfare has sold 50% less that the previous installment of the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops 3. With that in mind it’s no surprise that Activision is going to do something big to try and bluster sales. Enter the Infinite Warfare Free trial; nearly a week long event where players can test out all of the games modes for free. So, if you’re unsure about getting another call of duty, this is your chance to test the waters.

Overwatch is Free this Weekend


If you’re like me and haven’t been able to get a copy of Overwatch, here’s you chance to play for free. From 11 a.m. September 9th to 4 p.m. September 12 you can use the full game roster of characters in a number of its game modes. Plus, any levels you gain and loot crates you open will still be available if you decided to buy the full game. Personally i’m looking forward to putting a few hours into the game, and i hope to see a few of you around the payload.

Evolve is now Free to Play on Steam

The asymmetrical multiplayer game Evolve is now free to play on Steam with Xbox One and PS4 support to follow after the PC beta according to PlaystationLifeStyle.Net. While the game wasn’t exactly well received at launch most of the negativity was surrounding its steep price point, lack of content and season pass, all of which should be a non-issue with the switch to free to play. According to the trailer and expanded upon in the PlaystationLifeStyle article all the games content will be unlockable with in-game currency. As it is with most free to play games this will probably be a bit of a grind to facilitate microtransactions.

While it’s easy to be snarky at this new info (like by saying this decisions should have been made sooner) i find it a bit hard too with all the work the dev team has done to make this happen. Maps and UI are getting an overhaul, team compositions are being reworked as well as progression and customization option. It seems like the team at Turtle Rock Studios are proud of the game they made and are making an honest attempt to get people to pay attention to it outside of it’s initial release bullshit.