Dark Souls Trilogy Box Set Announced. In other news, Heaven is Real


Something something ports of last gen games are bad something something….look, i’m biased here, ok. Dark Souls in my all time favorite game and this is a simply stunning collection. A Remastered Dark Souls 1, along with the other two games in the franchise, 6 CD set of the soundtrack, plus bookends art work and an item encyclopedia….yeah, i’m into it ok. What i’m not into is the saddening $450 price tag and the fact that this has only been announced in Japan for the moment. So even if i could afford it, there’s no grantee it’ll even be available to me. However, i’d be lying if i said i expect this to stay only in Japan. Dark Souls began life as a niche title for hardcore games who wanted a little more bite in their games, and then became a worldwide sensation. Simply look at how often Dark Souls is used as a point of comparison (for good or ill) and it’s hard not to say it’s the most influential game of the last generation. As such i’m sure From Software is going to ring as much as they can out of the franchise while they can. And so long as they are providing material as extravagant as this, i’m ok with that.

Bloodborne Review

By William Shelton

Release Date: March 24, 2015
Systems: PS4
Developer: From Software
Publisher: Sony
Rating: M
Obtained By: Purchased

The original Dark Souls is one of my favorite games of all time. Not only was it near perfect in what it was trying to achieve, but this was a game that changed me as a person. Unfortunately neither of the games sequels managed to live up to that. Three still managed to be pretty damn good and Two had it’s moments (although too few of them), but both felt like there was something missing. With that in mind the question going into Bloodborne was “will this be another almost great game or another let down”? Lets find out.

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