Hot Lava Gameplay and Impressions

A while ago i reviewed the first person platformer ClusterTruck, and i rather loved it. One of the main reasons that game worked is becuase it compensated for the inherent weaknesses of first person platforming. You were often asked to make a lot of tricky jumps, but the semi-trucks you were using as platforms weren’t exactly calling for a whole lot of precision. You weren’t asked to land on a dime, and with each truck being the same size you grew to get a feel for how much space you had and would need.

If anything, i think that might just kill Hot Lava here. There’s a pretty long section here where the person has to keep doing the same bit over again becuase becuase the platforms are really small and first person platforming is still kind of shit. I can easily see that becoming a major point of frustration if it persists though out the game.

I’m interested to see how this one turns out, but i’d be lying if i didn’t say my expectations are on the low end as of right now.

The Surge Now Has a Demo

I thought The Surge was a pretty mixed bag, but i was glad i got to get my hands on a copy when everything was said and done. Well, if you’re still wondering if you should pick up a copy of Deck 13’s newest game, you can now try the first few hours of free. If you decide you do want to buy the game, all of your progress in the demo will carry over to the full game, so you don’t have to worry about re-beating the games bosses.

I gave The Surge a 5.75/10 citing cheap boss fight, poor level layouts and mishandled upgrades as some of my main issues. However, i did find the game to be an interesting take on the Soulslike formula and think fans of this particular kind of experience should at least give it a shot. And now you no longer have to take my word for it; go download the demo and see for yourself if The Surge is for you.

For Honor Will have an Open Beta Starting Thursday

For Honor, which releases next Tuesday, is apparently still a buggy and unfinished mess, and the developers at Ubisoft Montreal would like your help finding any leftover issues. I mean, unless they’re calling a free weekend Demo a Beta like a lot of other developers seem to e doing these days. But this is Ubisoft we’re talking about, and when have they ever done anything dumb like that, hum? Okay, sarcasm aside, if you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to pick up For Honor, here’s your chance to test the waters a bit. The “Beta” will be held on Thursday February 9 through the 12th. And if you do find a shit load of bugs….Ubisoft must really trust their team if they thing giving them one real day to fix them is a good idea.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Gameplay Impressions

Infinite Warfare has had it’s ups and downs with it’s marketing so far. When it was first announced i was kind of annoyed at just how much the apex of dudebro gaming was taking from classic sci-fi iconography, but when E3 came around (and i found myself actually getting into Black Ops 3 multiplayer more that i thought i would) the game didn’t look too bad. There was an energy to the game play shown that hasn’t been present in the series for years now.  However, until now we haven’t gotten a really look at any uninterpreted game play. Now that we have we have the franchise once again dives head first back into mediocrity. While the idea of a more story driven Call of Duty is a pretty interesting idea, watching this it obvious that, at the very least, the single player will be as dull as always. The only time things livined up was in the space section, but i’m willing to put money on that being on rails. I’m sure the multiplayer will what fans are expecting, but my anticipation for this has pretty much died out a little.

First 18 Minutes of Persona 5

The one near universal complain with Persona 4 was that the opening was a bit slow, taking nearly three full hours to get moving at a steady pace. It seemed Atlus took this to heart as the first thing you do in this new installment is go through a mini-dungeon before, assumedly, going back to the beginning. I don’t have much of an issue with that but i do think its an odd choice for games as they tend to also have you playing with early game equipment that wont be what you’re using when you get to that point chronologically. Not a big deal, but that kind of thing always break immersion a little for me. Other than that one incredibly small grip i could just sit here and go “HOLYSHITHOLYSHITPERSONA5HOLYSHITHOLYSHIT” and give you a pretty good look at what’s going through my mind right now, but i’ll try and be a little more constructive.

The new combat system looks freaking sweet: by mapping each command to a button instead of just having a command list i can see fights feeling more interactive and dynamic while still keeping to the franchises turn based roots.  Also, the animated cutscenes look simply beautiful. The animation work for these games have always been pretty great, but this is the best they’ve looked and i’m stoked to see more. My only complaint with the video was the lack of English subtitles, but i’m sure someone will come along any day now and add them like they did with the previous promotional material for the game. Even if they don’t, thins is already going to be a birthday present to myself when it’s released this February, so i’ll know what’s going on soon enough.

13 Minutes of Battlefield 1 Alpha Gameplay and Impressions

This looks really good but part of me can’t help but wonder what it means that we’re turning this war into a for fun shooting gallery. World War 1 is still the go to example of the futility of war, yet this is asking us to just ignore those lessons. Maybe i’m thinking to hard about this, but something just feels off about using certain events as the backdrops for these kinds of digital paintball matches. Maybe that’s why i don’t mind BO3 as much as i once thought i would: it’s too disconnected from reality for me to really get upset about anything (multiplayer wise, the campaign is still garbage). As well polished as this looks and as much fun as i can see myself having playing the game, i just can’t see myself spending the money for it. I’m not as disguised by the thought of this game as i was  with Battlefield Hardline, but the feeling is far too similar.