>Observer_ Trailer and Impressions

I love cyberpunk and it’s associated aesthetic, but i rarely associate the genre with horror. That’s kind of crazy right? I mean, this is a realm where downloading another persons memories is a potability, but no one i can think of has ever talked about reliving someone else trauma or their own misdeeds? Maybe my ignorance here is more my fault than anyone else’s, but i do have to thank Blood Team here for putting the idea in my head with their new game Observer. The Idea of going into someone’s head directly to look for incriminating evidence is scary enough, but when you add to that the way memories can be distorted, and the way other people  could twist them in a cyberpunk setting, and you have the set up for a potentially limitless horror story. I can’t say if any of those ideas will come into play here, or how well they’ll be handled if they do. But as of right now i am intrigued by this and more that willing to give the game a few hours.

Prey First 11 Minutes and Impressions

I believe it was Stan Lee who once said “Every Comic is Somebodies First Comic”. He said this too illustrate  the importance of writing comics in a way in which new comers can become long time fins. It is more or less that reason why most games open up with a tutorial: So that anyone who plays, even if they never touched a game before in their life, can learn how to play. A good tutorial can make a game.

This is not a good tutorial.

Yes, it teaches you what you need to know, but the set up feels patronizing. And before going farther i want to point out that maybe that’s the point, and in context that will make since. Maybe that is exactly how the game wants you too feel. But going off this video, the set up just doesn’t make any sense. What exactly is to be gained by doing studies where a grown man….movies boxes? The last bit, with the questions, was okay if a bit trite. I mean, that was the same kind of stuff we talked about in my philosophy 100 class. Other than that, everything here feels like it’s talking down to the player.

Compare that to one of my favorite tutorials: the first level of God of War 1. I still hold that the first God of War was a masterpiece, but a large part of that was in how it taught you to play. By the end of it you killed a fucking hydra, you felt as bad ass as Kratos was said to be. In fact, the guys at Extra Credits did a great video on the topic. I’ll Link it HERE if i can find it. If not….there wont be a link…obviously.

I’m not using this to make a statement on the game itself: i’m still looking forward to it and am really excited to see what the final product is like. The game proper might be one of the best this year, we wont know until it’s released. All that being said, this is still a shit way to introduce the game.

#IGCHalloweenParty and My Twitch Stream

My good friend and Mentor Indie Gamer Chick is doing her annual Halloween Party. If you’re not already following her on WordPress or Twitter, go fix that now. Also, she’s asked me to stream the game Claire at 6 oclock  PST. I’ve never heard of the game before, but it looks a lot like Lone Survior, which i liked a lot. If you’d like to come and hang out and watch me play some spooky games, feel free to follow do so at my twitch channel. And if you like this, feel free to tell me and i may try make this a more common part of my site. 

Bloodborne Review

By William Shelton

Release Date: March 24, 2015
Systems: PS4
Developer: From Software
Publisher: Sony
Rating: M
Obtained By: Purchased

The original Dark Souls is one of my favorite games of all time. Not only was it near perfect in what it was trying to achieve, but this was a game that changed me as a person. Unfortunately neither of the games sequels managed to live up to that. Three still managed to be pretty damn good and Two had it’s moments (although too few of them), but both felt like there was something missing. With that in mind the question going into Bloodborne was “will this be another almost great game or another let down”? Lets find out.

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Scorn Teaser Trailer

I wasn’t sure if i wanted to do a post on this as it’s only on Steam Greenlight and thus there’s no telling if it will ever actually be playable, but with how much i want to get my hands on this i’m going ahead with it.

As pretty much every one is saying, i love how much H.R. Giger clearly inspired the look of this game, and the visual body horror is simply chilling. I was sold on the projct when the player character reloads their gun and muscle and tenants comes out with it….that was one of the nastiest things i’ve seen today and i just got back from watching Neon Demon, so that means something. I’m disappointed more gameplay wasn’t shown as i want to know what the gameplay loop is like, but for now i’m excited and am willing to give this a go.

Resident Evil 7 Demo Impressions

This may be the single most pointless thing i’ll ever write as Capcom has already stated that the content in this demo wont be representative of the game when released. So why even bother writing this up? Because I want to have something in record to point too so I can chastise capcom when they fuck the game proper. This was really damn good and I hope the real game is like this, but this is capcom were talking about, so I have no hope.

The first thing I noticed was just how great the demo looked. The filth and slime were near tangible. Walking through the games environments almost made me physically ill. If the point of a horror games environment is to make you uncomfortable, then job well done, capcom. While the demo never really reached true for horror for me, no jumps or screams, it did have me in panic mode for most of my play time, and that was all due to the environment. A few people I follow on twitter complained about the lack of visibility, saying it was a cheap trick to amplify the scares, but I disagree. In fact, I felt you could see enough that the demo really couldn’t pull that kind of Silent Hill trick.

When I first started I was kind of worried Capcom was just going to copy P.T., but that worry was swiftly swept away as the two games have very little in common outside of a few basic aesthetic decisions. However, those aesthetic decisions were clearly drawing from P.T.’s successes, and through most of the game I got the feeling that “homage” was the leading creative principle. Nearly ever successful horror property felt like it was being referenced here, but I don;t feel that’s a bad thing. Hell, half the reason the original game got as big as it did was due to it being a playable George Romero movie, so maybe pastiche is where the franchise belongs.

If all this dose is give us a taste of the tone the real game is going for, I’d be happy. If I could look at this with some reassurance that the real game would be this good, the fuck yeah, bring it on. But I can’t, so just disappoint me already capcom, we all know you’re going too.

Neverending Nightmares

I really like both the art style and the music here, but the developers need better voice actors. At around the 50 second mark all i could think was “this guy sounds like one of the venture bros” and all the tension just vanished out of sight, never too be seen again. Everything else here was pretty spooky and i’m looking forward to seeing more, just let someone else do the voice work so i’m not wondering when Brock Samson is going to ump in and fix everything.