Mario/Rabbisds RPG is real…for some reason


There’s this “really funny” joke people like to make regarding Nintendo, maybe you’ve heard it before: “Nintendo just does the same thing over and over”. You see, it’s funny becuase we’re going to ignore the aesthetic and game play shack-ups and focus on the fact that each game uses an established formula in order to make those shake-ups more palpable. ¬†Well, here you go you finest of comedians, Nintendo is doing something new. And stupid.

Okay, okay. Before any one jumps down my throat, yes i wish Nintendo would do more in the “originality” department too. Maybe develop some more new IP’s, maybe do something with some of their old ones (cough cough Metroid¬†cough cough). But over all i really do think the idea that Nintendo is simply resting on their laurels is a bit over blown. I also think that public perception is starting to get to Nintendo, which has lead them down a dark and very stupid path.

I mean….just look at this. LOOK AT IT. Mario with a gun? A Cosplaying “Rabbisd” dressed as Peach taking a selfie? This is just, so….so dumb. This is what you get when you force Nintendo to be too creative.

Okay, okay. I’m being a little hyperbolic. Just a bit. Dumb idea’s often make for good games, so it’s kind of unfair to judge too prematurely.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Nintendo’s M rated Zelda game?


If you thought Twilight Princes was Nintendo’s attempt at the whole “Dark and Gritty” aesthetic, you haven’t seen anything yet. Apparently the bright and almost cartoonish looking Breath of the Wild is going to be much dark than anyone expected. So much so that the game is going to be rated M for Mature….

In Australia were the rating more akin to a T here in the states.

Sorry about the bait and switch there, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. But yes, the upcoming Nintendo game has been rated M by the Australian rating board for “Moderately Impactful Fantasy Violence”. While i’m sure some were hoping that the cheerful look of the game was hiding some dark and gruesome secret up its sleeve, it would appear the game will be business as usual. Personally, i think that will be for the best.