Overwatch will have another Free Weekend

It seems that Blizzard really wants you to try Overwatch. The game will be having it’s second or third free weekend (that i can recall) starting Saturday the 22nd through Monday the 25th. Just like last time, if you decide to buy the game after the free weekend, all progress made during the event will carry over, so there’s not a lot of reason to not give it a shot if you’re interested. Maybe the game wont be for you, but there’s not a lot to lose if you find that to be the case.

You can find out more information, including how to get access to the event on your preferred platform, at PlayOverwatch.Com.


Law Breakers goes into Closed Beta This Month

Hey, look! Some actual gaming news that’s worth talking about. That’s rare. Okay, enough jokes. March 16-19, right after PAX, Lawbreakers  will be entering into a closed beta. Ever since i fell in love with Overwatch and heard this was its gory, M-Rated sister i’ve been interested in getting my hands on it. Granted that may not be until the player base dies down to just the overly dedicated and the game becomes inaccessible to new players due to poverty and a lack of free time. But hey, what matters is that i’ll always have overwatch to go back too once i’m inevitably driven off, right? But for those of you with some free time (please leave a comment telling me what that’s like), you can sign up for the open beta HERE . And for those of you with money, email me for my address, i take cash and checks.

EVE Online Goes Free to Play…..Sorta

If you ever wanted to try your hand at CCP’s Space faring menu based “Eve Online”, but found the $15 per month to be out of your price range, then they have something that might interest you….for a while. Come this November Eve Online will introduce a free to play model of the game that will give players access to some of the games most popular features.  The important part of that sentence was “some”, however. in order for players to get the most out of their experience you are going to have to pay the pre-established subscription fee, as some skills will be locked out for free to play customers and the ones available will only level up so much.

Frankly, this system sounds like utter shit to me. The idea of combining a free-to-play and subscription based game seems like it’s going to end up with the worst parts of both. I also can imagine how much this is going to help CCP as the nature of EVE Online always meant it’s going to be a niche game, so trying to open that up to more players like this can only really survey to make the game worse for its existing player base. Or at least that’s what i’m expecting.