Death Match is coming to Overwatch

Hey you! Yes, you Mister “fuck the payload, i’m just going to get as many kills as possible”.  Blizzard has a new game mode just for you. I’m not sure when it’s coming, but death match and team death match will be coming to the Overwatch arcade.

In death match seven or eight players go head to head, and the first person to get 20 kills wills. However, if you are in the top four in terms of score you’ll get points towards the arcade loot boxes.

Team Death Match is…well….team death match. Two teams, first team to get to 30 kills wins. Pretty standard stuff.

This…doesn’t really excite me all that much, as i don’t think Overwatch is particularly well suited for death matches, but in the end, i’m more or less okay more game types.

Law Breakers goes into Closed Beta This Month

Hey, look! Some actual gaming news that’s worth talking about. That’s rare. Okay, enough jokes. March 16-19, right after PAX, Lawbreakers  will be entering into a closed beta. Ever since i fell in love with Overwatch and heard this was its gory, M-Rated sister i’ve been interested in getting my hands on it. Granted that may not be until the player base dies down to just the overly dedicated and the game becomes inaccessible to new players due to poverty and a lack of free time. But hey, what matters is that i’ll always have overwatch to go back too once i’m inevitably driven off, right? But for those of you with some free time (please leave a comment telling me what that’s like), you can sign up for the open beta HERE . And for those of you with money, email me for my address, i take cash and checks.

Overwatch: All Sombra’s Unlocks

The good folks over at Polygon have given us a look at the unlockables for the upcoming Sombra, and i have to say i’m rather impressed. While i have spent some of the in game gold on a few skins, i’ve been more or less indifferent to after getting a few for the characters i actually tend to play as. After watching this though, i can pretty much confirm upfront that i’m going to waste my stockpile of cash once Sombra is released. There’s really not much to say there: i’m just super excited.

Overwatch: Sombra Introduction and Back Story

If you’re like me you probably spend way too much time playing Overwatch. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably gotten to the point where you’re not playing as your main much these days to spice up the game a bit more.  Well, as if they knew we might be getting just a little tired of the game, Blizzard finally announces their newest cast member: Sombra. Personally i’m really excited for this one as she looks right up my ally. While Ana is the only support character i’ll play as, i don’t often play support so her arrival didn’t impact the game too much for me. Sombra looks like a character i may be putting quite a few hours into.

Personally i’m really looking forward to playing with that teleporter. As much as i like Tracer as a character and would like to be good with her, more often than not her blink confuses me and it takes to long for me to readjust myself. This seems like, by using a similar but toned down effect, will be as fun to use while negating that internal confusion. The only thing that worries me is her hacking ability. I think it’s a cool idea, but i have to wonder what the cooldown/duration of effect will have to be to make it both not overpowered and still worth using. I’m sure Blizzard has this down to a science by now but until i get my hands on the character it’s still a matter of concern. Like, i’m all for being able to bring down an opponent Reinhardts shied, but if that’s only going to last a second or two, i may as well just shoot at him. But if it lasts too long, the character is too over powered. And then, what about hacking health packs? It’s a cool idea being able to take away resources from the opposing team, but that needs to be balanced perfectly to not feel cheap.

Overall though, yeah, i’m excited. I wish they had added when the character will be live for players, but i’m going to play the hell out of her once she’s available.

Overwatch is Free this Weekend


If you’re like me and haven’t been able to get a copy of Overwatch, here’s you chance to play for free. From 11 a.m. September 9th to 4 p.m. September 12 you can use the full game roster of characters in a number of its game modes. Plus, any levels you gain and loot crates you open will still be available if you decided to buy the full game. Personally i’m looking forward to putting a few hours into the game, and i hope to see a few of you around the payload.