Sundered Trailer and Impressions

I love the look of this game. Visually this is one of the most impressive games I’ve seen in a while. On top of just how clean the art looks, i’m really digging the whole “organic/machine hybrid” design of the enemies. Mix with that a nice bit of Metroidvania style action platforming and i’m more than interested. The editing in the trailer did leave something to be desired, and has me worried that a lot of what made the game look so good was the hyperactive edit work. This could be do to the fact that the game is not coming out until next year. Maybe when the game is close to release we’ll get a clearer look at what to expect from the game. As for now, color me intrigued.

No More Hidden Trophies EVER


If you are one of those who strive to platinum every game you play then Sony just did you a massive favor. With the newest system update you now have the option of looking at the hidden information for these achievements, making it easier to get the most out of your games. Personally i never cared much about getting every trophy in a game (the only two platinum’s I’ve got are for the two Walking Dead Seasons, and those are pretty much gift rapped for you) but i like this addition well enough. And if you’re worried this may take out some of the surprise and intrigue intended, i repeat that this is only an option. So feel free not to partake if you so choice


New Final Fantasy Footage

By now you probably already know wither or not you care about the upcoming Final Fantasy game. Hell, if we’re being honest most of us probably knew what our level of excitement for the game before it was even announced. Personally i’m excited and willing to consume whatever content Square is willing to throw at me. That said, who thought this was a good idea? Pretty much everything is fine, but it seems like Square just spoiled a major plot point right from the start. The way one character is introduced seems to suggests their villain status is meant to be a twist of some kind. But right from the start we seem them say “i want to kill you Main Character”. I could be reading this wrong, but the scene at the dock to me implies he’s meant to be unassuming until his villainy is exposed. Yet everything else in the trailer is just “watch this guy be evil”. That’s bad trailer making Square. The game is still going to end up as my Christmas present to myself so i guess i can’t complain too much.

The Last Guardian Delayed Once Again


The Last Guardian shocked pretty much everyone when it reappeared back in 2015, the first time (that i can recall) since announced back in 2009. More shocking was that the game was expected to be released late October or early November (i’ve forgotten the exact date). But in a new post on the PlayStation Blog it was announced that Team Ico’s long awaited next game has been pushed back to December 6th. While it’s not the worst delay, it is somewhat disheartening to know that a game can all but disappear for five years and still not be as far along as expected. Be that as it may, i would much rather a game be delayed rather than need huge day one patches to make it playable so i say do what you got to do.

Overwatch is Free this Weekend


If you’re like me and haven’t been able to get a copy of Overwatch, here’s you chance to play for free. From 11 a.m. September 9th to 4 p.m. September 12 you can use the full game roster of characters in a number of its game modes. Plus, any levels you gain and loot crates you open will still be available if you decided to buy the full game. Personally i’m looking forward to putting a few hours into the game, and i hope to see a few of you around the payload.

A Week After LetsPlayVideoGames.Com Reviewed It, Sony Announces the PS4 Slim


It turns out that the “totally fake” and “3D Printed” PS4 Slim that Laura Kate reviewed on LetPlayVideoGames.Com last Tuesday was neither totally fake or 3D Printed. Who knew? Sony announced the console at today’s Playstation Meeting with a release date of September 15th and a $300 price point. On top of that they also unveiled the “PS4 Pro”, the upgraded system that was know as the “Neo” or “PS4k” before today’s event. While most of the Pro conversation sounded more like a sales pitch more than important information, it did have an impressive showing at the event, showing how it will boost the graphical quality for already released games. However, the most important piece of news regarding the Pro was it’s November 10th release date and $400 price tag. If the Pro can do what it’s advertising, it seems like a fair price to pay for the upgrade if you care about 4K resolution or having the best visual presentation. Personally, i think i’ll stick to the one i got, but that’s just me.

Echo Gameplay Trailer and Impressions

The title for this is a little misleading, becuase it’s not really the game i want to talk about. But before i get into the meet of my potential issues, this looks really damn good. The idea of the player dictating the conditions of the A.I. is really interesting and i’d love to get my hands on a copy to test out how that is supposed to work.

But what i want to talk about is something different. On the games official website there’s something that concerns me. ON the games fact sheet says the game is going to be on “PC and unannounced consoles”. This seems to imply Neo or Scorpio exclusivity. If that’s true, that pisses me off greatly. From what i was lead to believe the base line PS4 and Xbox One were still going to be….you know….the base line for console releases. One of the major issues people had with these announcements was the idea they would make older consoles obsolete, and this might be the first validation of those fears.

Now, it is possible Ultra Ultra are planing for this to be the first game for the PS5 and Xbox “Whatever stupid thing Microsoft wants to call this one”, but i kind of doubt that. It’s possible this is a piss poor attempt to advertise that it will be on the Neo and/or Scorpio and the exclusivity implication is just due to them not thinking things through. I’m going to attempt to get clarification. But lets be honest, that probably wont happen.