In Case You Were Wondering, Kingdom Hearts 3 still Exists

It’s been over a decade since Kingdom Hearts 2 was released. We had an entire console generation come and go without seeing another real installment in this franchise. This kind of wait would kill most other franchises in other forms of media. But unlike other long awaited returns like Half-Life 3 or Beyond Good and Evil 2,  there has at least been a decent drip feed of information regarding this newest Kingdom Hearts game to make the wait not as tedious as it could have been. “Not AS tedious” being the key phrase there.

But in all honesty, after watching this i am kind of impressed, as the game doesn’t look like it’s been 10 years in the making. It’s hard to explain what i mean: i last played the games when they were re-released on the PS3, where i marathoner my way through the two main titles. This footage feels like, had i been playing this then, it would have been right at home in that collection. That’s pretty miraculous in my opinion, as you would think that over 10 years either something would have changed or the style would have become out dated. But no, this looks just as fun as the original games did. Even though i’m one of those weird-o’s who likes the more complicated side of the franchise more than the “Disney self-insert fanfiction” stuff the series made it’s name on, i’m still excited for this and i’m really happy to know it’s at least looking like it’s been worth the wait.

Playtonic to JonTron: Nazi Punks Fuck Off

It would seem that Playtonic had once brought on famed Youtuber and recently self-exposed Xenophobe Jontron for some voice work in their up coming game Yooka-Laylee. That partnership seems to have been ended after JonTron…well…you know….went on a racist rant about how immigrant are evil. While the games odd language and vocal distortions could have made it easy to hard hide the fact Playtonic were working with him, it’s nice to see people taking a stand against this kind of hatred and bigotry. Really the only bad thing about this story was i couldn’t settle on which version of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” to post, so i had to use both. And that’s a good problem to have.

What The Fuck Sony: Everything Trailer and Impressions

A few months ago Sony shocked the world by promoting “Life of Black Tiger” and “Skylight Freerange 2” on the official PlayStation YouTube as well as access to the PlayStation  store. These were not just bad games, these were “never to be finished steam early access” bad. I don’t know why Sony gave these games the attention they did, but the only reasonable assumption i can make is that the creators had some dirt on Sony CEO Kaz Hirai that he was desperate not to let get out. If so, those two must have let something slip becuase here we are again, asking “what the fuck sony” as an unbelievably bad trailer for an even worse looking game gets featured.

To Everything’s credit, it is more ambitious than those other two crimes against nature. The ability to zoom from the molecular level to a galactic one is, admittedly, an interesting concept. On top of that, the idea that it all matters, that a grander or more complex scope isn’t inherently more important, that’s something i can get behind. But then the gameplay starts and all i can say is “what the fuck sony?”

Did all the games budget go into that pompous voice over? Did the dev team thing ambition meant they didn’t need to do some basic fucking animation? I mean….the animals just fucking role around. I got more fluid movement out of little wooden animal figurines as a child than these guys got with modern technology.

And the trailer just….keeps….going. This motherfucker is over 10 minuets long. 10 minuets of pseudointellectual rambling and awkward gameplay.

I can really only see two good reasons as to why this trailer even exists: the game is not ready to be shown but something had to get pushed out, or the PR team fundamentally does not know how to properly market it. Then there is the potability that this is exactly what the game is like, this is exactly how the team behind it wanted you to first experiences it and whoever runs the PlayStation YouTube took a big hit of “everything” and said “yup, that looks like a quality product we want to promote.”


Addendum on PS+ January Games

A little while a go i wrote a small peace on the upcoming free games on PS+. In the post i mentioned a worry over the fact that “This War of Mine: The Little Ones” was one of the included games, and too my knowledge that was a DLC and i worried it may force players to buy the main game in order to play. Well, my buddy over at Cheap Boss Attack  said that it would be the full game, and i was going to leave it at that as i wasn’t sure 11 Bit Studio would ever respond to my inquiry. But, to my surprise they did in fact email me back confirming that the PS4 addition of the game was simply named after the expansion and would be playable for anyone who picks it up next month.

PS+ Free games for January 2017

While not all the games i’ve gotten from my PS+ membership have been great, i’ve been more or less happy with having paid for it. Next months roundup should have me excited as this are both games i’ve been wanting to play for a while now but never had the chance. But something has been bothering me: The Little Ones was DLC.

While i am currently trying to get some kind of compensation as to whether or not The Little Ones will play as a stand alone game for those who download it as a part of the promotion, i’ve gotten no word as of yet. If not, then this strikes me as an incredibly tactless way to get people to buy the main game. With how well reviewed and beloved it was, there really shouldn’t be a need for this kind of thing.

If and when i hear back from either Sony or 11 Bit Studios i’ll make an addendum post clarifying their position.

Yooka Laylee Capital Cashino Trailer

The more i see of this game the more the exact same issue pops out at me: the levels seem almost lifeless. I’ve said before that in game that may not be an issue and that i can’t say for sure until i get my hands on it. That remains true now, but this trailer does help illustrate why i’m concerned. Look at the part at around 23 seconds in when the character pulls the lever on the slot machine. Look at the vast empty space that surrounds it. Look at how there are almost never more that three enemies on screen in big open spaces. I really hope i’m wrong about this: i really enjoyed what little i played of Banjo Kazooie as a kid and want to see more games like it and after Mighty No. 9 i’d really appreciate one of these throwback games to…you know…good. But for right now, i’m worried. i would love, LOVE, to be wrong but until i hear from reviewers i trust that it’s good i’ going to have to lower my expectations.

The Last of Us Part 2 Trailer and Impressions

The Last of Us was one of my favorite games on the PS3, my favorite Naughty Dog game and easily in my top 10. So as you can imagine, i’m super excited to see this. Hell, i’ve been thinking about where a second game could go since i finished the first game. While this does look like it’s going exactly where i thought a follow-up would go, i’m more or less okay with that. I mean, lets be honest, the stories of Naughty Dog games tend to be less important that their abilities as story tellers. So long as Joe and Ellie are still as memorable and…i don’t think “likeable” is applicable here…..interesting as they were in the first game, we should be in for a good time. That being said, there are things that could be done better:

The first item on my wishlist is to make Ellie the player character. And no, this isn’t even just becuase of the need for more female protagonist in games. She was very much the focal point of the first game, and if this trailer is anything to go by, she will very much be the lead here too, so a switch in perspective would be very much appreciated.

Next up, no more platform puzzles. No more looking for ladder or floating platforms. None of it. The overuse of these types of puzzles was the biggest issue i had with the first game, so for fucks sake Naughty Dog, be more creative, yeah?

Don’t go morbid the entire game. The thing that the original game did right, the thing that made it stand out, was the fact that it made the darker moments matter by having something to contrasting them with. I know there is a temptation to just go darker with a sequel to make it feel more intense than the last one, and i’m fine with that so long as we still get those calm and quite moments to know what’s being lost once all hell’s let lose. If the status quo starts off as “Everything’s fucked”, then we have no reason to care when the shit hits the fan. To be fare Naughty Dog has been pretty good at this, but it’s still something i wanted to bring up.

So, are you excited for The Last of Us Part 2? Are you sick of grimdark games? Leave a comment below and let me know.