PS+ starts 2018 with a Bang

Sony’s PlayStation + service has offered games ranging from “pretty damn awful” (See my Review of Zombi from a while ago) to “pretty ok actually” (See my review of Furi from a while ago….i need the page views, ok). Personally, while I’ve kept adding the games to my library it has been a while since I’ve bothered to download and play any of them. Well, it seems like that might change next month as the two free games coming January are both pretty big names.

First up is “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”. While i wasn’t as big on “Human Revolution” as most everyone else was but it wasn’t bad and i was very interested in seeing where the story went. While the game was pledged by controversy before it’s release (Which i wrote about….like i said, i need the page views) the reception upon launch was still rather positive.

The other game is Telltale’s Batman. This one i was a little worried about upon it’s original announcement, becuase i am so tired or “Mature” takes on Batman as they almost always turn him into a Frank Miller style violent sociopath that i find simply tiring. But from what I’ve heard that’s not what this does. I’m still not 100% sure i’m sold on the idea of Telltale doing a more action based franchise, but it is undoubtedly an interesting step for them to take.

All in all, it’s not a bad way to kick off the new year, especially for those who are going to be a little short on cash after the holidays….or just in general….god i hate being poor.

Addendum on PS+ January Games

A little while a go i wrote a small peace on the upcoming free games on PS+. In the post i mentioned a worry over the fact that “This War of Mine: The Little Ones” was one of the included games, and too my knowledge that was a DLC and i worried it may force players to buy the main game in order to play. Well, my buddy over at Cheap Boss Attack  said that it would be the full game, and i was going to leave it at that as i wasn’t sure 11 Bit Studio would ever respond to my inquiry. But, to my surprise they did in fact email me back confirming that the PS4 addition of the game was simply named after the expansion and would be playable for anyone who picks it up next month.

PS+ Free games for January 2017

While not all the games i’ve gotten from my PS+ membership have been great, i’ve been more or less happy with having paid for it. Next months roundup should have me excited as this are both games i’ve been wanting to play for a while now but never had the chance. But something has been bothering me: The Little Ones was DLC.

While i am currently trying to get some kind of compensation as to whether or not The Little Ones will play as a stand alone game for those who download it as a part of the promotion, i’ve gotten no word as of yet. If not, then this strikes me as an incredibly tactless way to get people to buy the main game. With how well reviewed and beloved it was, there really shouldn’t be a need for this kind of thing.

If and when i hear back from either Sony or 11 Bit Studios i’ll make an addendum post clarifying their position.

Price Plus: PS+ Gets Price Hike Next Month


That’s right fellow PS+ subscribers, next month you’re going to have to shell out some extra cash to keep the monthly free games and multiplayer going. Starting on the 22nd a years Subscription will run you $59.99 instead of the current $49.99 and a three month subscription is going from $17.99 to $24.99. Monthly subscriptions will stay the same at $9.99 a month. The justification for this change is that the new prices “…reflects the current market conditions…” according to The Playstation Blog, but no word was given to what those market conditions were that brought on the change. I have tweeted to Sony in attempt to gain information, but it’s unlikely i will receive any answers.