Path Out Trailer and Impressions

War isn’t a new topic for games. Many games have been set against the back drop of war, many have even put you in the shoes of soldiers fighting them. Hell, we even have enough games commenting on the nature of war that it no longer feels novel for them to do so. But as one of those anti-war, “let’s all just get along” hippy types, i’ll always have a soft spot for games that look at the human cost of armed combat. Enter: Path Out, an RPG about fleeing a war torn Syria. Based, at least in part, on the life of its creator Path Out looks to be a really be shaping up to be something really interesting and i can’t wait to see how it turns out. For those interested, the game has a Demo on Itch.Io. I can’t attest to the games quality, only that i think it looks interesting. But for the low price of “nothing”, i think it’s more than worth it to give an interesting looking game a try.

Kingdom Hearts 3 (Supposedly) Releasing Next Year

At this years D23, Disney showed new footage og Kingdom Hearts 3, including an extended bit set in the Toy Story universe. The game continues to look amazing, but the real interesting news came at the end of the trailer. While no hard date was given, they did announce that the game in scheduled to be released sometime in 2018. After a decade long wait it’s hard not to get excited by this news, but it’s also just as hard for me to believe this information. I’ve yet to see any English language footage, which has me worried the localization with end up delaying the game at some point. Even so, having a release window is preferable over the “sometime in the next 3 years” Square Enix last said for this and the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Trailer and Impressions

It sure is nice to see games that deserve releases getting them instead of games from the last few years. If we were still living in the same gaming climate we were at the start of this generation you know we’d be looking at something like a “Bloodborne Enhanced Edition” or some shit instead. And this is one i’m really happy to see.

Planescape Torment is one of those games that people seem to have nothing bad to say about it, but one I’ve never played. Originally releasing in 1999, it was just before my time in that i didn’t take up computer gaming until relatively recently. But, I’ve always hoped I would get the chance to experience it at some point. Hopefully in the future we see more re-releases for games that deserve to be played; games that have informed the coarse of gaming history. Even if they’re games i don’t get the appeal of (like starcraft) I’m okay with more of gaming history becoming more readily available and accessible.

Final Fantasy 15: 101 Trailer

Are you simultaneously excited for Final Fantasy 15 to the point of wanting to know every little detail about the game while also having managed to miss every piece of relevant information about the game that’s been released over the last 10 years? Well, here’s just the trailer for you oddly specific breed or Apathetic Superfan. Jokes aside, i really don’t know who this trailer was made for, but over all i think it’s a nice extended look at the upcoming game. Like anyone who’s been paying attention since the “Verses 13” days, yeah, i wish there was more here that i didn’t already know but i will say that this was a pretty nifty hype booster.

Persona 5 English Voice Cast Trailer

At this point there is not much left for me to say about Persona 5 other than “fuck it, i my just end up pre-ordering against my better judgement”. However, there is one thing i can think to say: that took forever. Fuckin’ hell, why has it taken this long to get an English VO trailer? The game has already become Atlus’ fastest selling game in japan, you’d think they’d want to use some of that hype to increase US sales. But until today it almost seemed like they just did not give a single shit about the US market. Granted, that may be true, i don’t know how the franchise has sold here, but as a fan i’ve been getting pretty damn antsy. So yeah, enjoy yet more proof that P5 is going to be killer while i try and decide on whether or not to pre-order or keep my dignity… to be honest, i’m lening pretty heavily towards the former.

Streets of Rogue Trailer and Impressions

The email i got about this game said it was like “Nuclear Thrown meets Deus Ex”. I do have to admit, a procedurally generated version of Deus Ex does sound pretty awesome. As something of a noob to rogue-likes however, i do have to ask if a radomly generate layout can really be suited for multiple play styles. If done poorly i can see no end to the frustration of wanting to play one way only for the layout of the sessions maps not being comparable enough for it. Luckily, it’s in open alpha at the games official website, so interested players can give it a look and comment on any balancing issues the game may have. I play on giving it a spin sometime soon, and i’ve have a full write up on it once i’m done with that. As for right now though, the game seems like a fun enough time.

Bloodborne Review

By William Shelton

Release Date: March 24, 2015
Systems: PS4
Developer: From Software
Publisher: Sony
Rating: M
Obtained By: Purchased

The original Dark Souls is one of my favorite games of all time. Not only was it near perfect in what it was trying to achieve, but this was a game that changed me as a person. Unfortunately neither of the games sequels managed to live up to that. Three still managed to be pretty damn good and Two had it’s moments (although too few of them), but both felt like there was something missing. With that in mind the question going into Bloodborne was “will this be another almost great game or another let down”? Lets find out.

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