Yacht Club to Unveil King Knight DLC at Pax West

I. Fucking. Love Shovel Knight.  The work Yacht Club has done has been consistently pronominal. The fact that most of it has been free is one of the most beautiful gestures in gaming history. They could have easily charged and other $15 for both previous prices of DLC and i would have happily paid it. While i can’t yet say the same holds true for the upcoming King Knight DLC, the dev team has at least earned the benefit of the doubt in my book. While King Knight wasn’t exactly my favorite of the games bosses, i very much doubt they would have picked him for an expansion if they couldn’t do something interesting with him.  Sadly i wont be able to try the game out at Pax West becuase…well, i’m poor. So very, very poor.  If you go, feel free to tell me what you think. I can’t wait to see what the team does here.

And If you’re interested, here are all my reviews for the franchise so far (warning, the first two are old and not very good….)

Shovel Knight 

Plague of Shadows

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New Shovel Knight DLC has a Name and Release Date


I try really hard to be more that just a shill for games i like or am excited for. But i am only human, so please forgive me this one small divergence into fanboyism:

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODIMSOEXCITED. Shovel Knight was insainly good and the first of the free DLC, “Plague of Shadows” did not disappoint either. So seeing this fills me with so much joy that i’m pretty much incapable of being anything other than excited. Sure, it’s possible that when we see the first bit of gameplay it’ll look like shit and give us the impression that Yacht Club Games has gone off the deep end, but i doubt that’ll be the case. As for right now, this is right near the top of my “most anticipated games” list.