Kingdom Hearts 3 (Supposedly) Releasing Next Year

At this years D23, Disney showed new footage og Kingdom Hearts 3, including an extended bit set in the Toy Story universe. The game continues to look amazing, but the real interesting news came at the end of the trailer. While no hard date was given, they did announce that the game in scheduled to be released sometime in 2018. After a decade long wait it’s hard not to get excited by this news, but it’s also just as hard for me to believe this information. I’ve yet to see any English language footage, which has me worried the localization with end up delaying the game at some point. Even so, having a release window is preferable over the “sometime in the next 3 years” Square Enix last said for this and the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake.

New Final Fantasy Footage

By now you probably already know wither or not you care about the upcoming Final Fantasy game. Hell, if we’re being honest most of us probably knew what our level of excitement for the game before it was even announced. Personally i’m excited and willing to consume whatever content Square is willing to throw at me. That said, who thought this was a good idea? Pretty much everything is fine, but it seems like Square just spoiled a major plot point right from the start. The way one character is introduced seems to suggests their villain status is meant to be a twist of some kind. But right from the start we seem them say “i want to kill you Main Character”. I could be reading this wrong, but the scene at the dock to me implies he’s meant to be unassuming until his villainy is exposed. Yet everything else in the trailer is just “watch this guy be evil”. That’s bad trailer making Square. The game is still going to end up as my Christmas present to myself so i guess i can’t complain too much.

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE Announcement Trailer and Impressions

I was given a PS2 last Christmas, and one of the first games i got for it was FF12. Unfortunately i never got around to playing it, and now with me trying to do more relevant reviews (not to mention how bad PS2 era games look on HDTV’s) i still haven’t played it. This kind of bums me out as this was the game that got me interested in playing the final fantasy franchise. I had often heard it referred to as the franchises take on Star Wars, and that sold me pretty quick. Because of this, i don’t really mind the fact that Square is remaking/remastering this game, in fact I’ve said many times that i wish i would. On top of my own personal interest in this project, i think it’s a more fitting choice for a┬árerelease than some of the other games we’ve seen get the “HD” treatment over the last few years. As much as i loved “The Last of Us” (literally one of my favorite games form last gen) , the game did not need an “HD” remake as soon as the PS4 was released. Nor did the two forgettable “Prototype” games. But a PS2 era game? That makes scene as simply upping to graphics to a more modern standard is enough of a reason for me to justify buying a classic i loved or a game i missed out on.

But now the bad news: This is Square Enix we’re talking about. As many great ideas as the company has, in the last few years they’ve lost nearly all of the trust i once placed in them. I mean for fucks sake, when they finally pulled the trigger on an FF7 remake, what did they do? decide it was best to split the game into three parts. Square might not be the worst when it comes to video game companies making stupid, stupid decisions, but they’re up there.

As much as i’d like this to come out and be great, i’m going to hold off getting aboard the hype train until Square shows us their not going to do something stupid with it.