Gamestop offering Pre-Owned Last Gen Consoles for $60 or less

Before i provide the link i want to point out that the prices are after  $20 rebate. So while you will be able to get a PS3 for $60, you’ll have to fork over $80 upfront. However, even with that and shipping this will be a good deal for anyone looking to catch up on last gen games they weren’t able to play at the time.

With That out of the way:

160GB PS3  for $59.99 post rebate,

Nintendo Wii for $29.99 post rebate and

Xbox 360 for $29.99 post rebate.

There is no expiration date mentioned for any of these deals, so my best guess is “until supplies run out”, so i suggest getting what you want as soon as possible. Go preserve your piece of gaming history today (and be able to play last gen games you can’t now because companies suck and have all but eliminated backwards capability).

Yacht Club Creating TWO New Shovel Knight Campains

Shovel Knight was One of 2014’s best games and the Plague of Shadows DLC was a remarkable add on that played differently and felt truly unique while still feeling stylistically consistent. The best part? It was free. I would have happily paid the asking price for the main game again ($15) for the DLC it was that good, but the team at Yacht Club games decided not to bother. And now it’s been confirmed they are working on two new campaigns. Like last time these will put you in the shoes of the base games bosses and tell the stories of what they were up too before shovel knight pogo-ed off their heads.

This time around you’ll be able to play as King Knight


and Specter Knight


each in their own campaigns using abilities designed for them. I am freaking stoked. There are certain games i just can’t help but get excited for and this is one of them.

In a conversation on Twitter Yacht Club informed me that there is no set release date yet, but they are hoping that by doing both campaigns at once they can cut down on the time between the two coming out. Hears to hoping we get the first one sometime this yer.

SO what are you’re thought? Are you excited to do back to the would of Shovel Knight? leave a comment below and let me know.