Yacht Club to Unveil King Knight DLC at Pax West

I. Fucking. Love Shovel Knight.  The work Yacht Club has done has been consistently pronominal. The fact that most of it has been free is one of the most beautiful gestures in gaming history. They could have easily charged and other $15 for both previous prices of DLC and i would have happily paid it. While i can’t yet say the same holds true for the upcoming King Knight DLC, the dev team has at least earned the benefit of the doubt in my book. While King Knight wasn’t exactly my favorite of the games bosses, i very much doubt they would have picked him for an expansion if they couldn’t do something interesting with him.  Sadly i wont be able to try the game out at Pax West becuase…well, i’m poor. So very, very poor.  If you go, feel free to tell me what you think. I can’t wait to see what the team does here.

And If you’re interested, here are all my reviews for the franchise so far (warning, the first two are old and not very good….)

Shovel Knight 

Plague of Shadows

Specter of Torment

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Trailer and Impressions

Shovel Knight may very well be one of my all time favorite games. I liked it so much in fact that i played through “Plague of Shadows”in one go in order to get a review up for the team i was working with at the time. With that said i think it’s pretty obvious that i’ve been super excited for any and all updates as to what Yacht Club Games had in store. And holy shit did they deliver.

If there was one complaint to be had with “Plague of Shadows” it was that the levels felt way to similar to each other. While that did make playing as the vastly different Plague Knight easier as you were more learning how to get through the same environments in new ways, if it wasn’t for just how fun it was to play as the new character the game would have been rather samey. From the look of this trailer that doesn’t seem to be the case. Some of the levels look unrecognizable, and several of the bosses look like they’ve been totally reworked too. All of that plus Specter Knight looks to have his own vastly different skill set to set him apart from his playable peers. I can’t lie, that makes me really excited to get mu hands on this as soon as possible. Really the only disappointing thing about this and the rest of the planed DLC is that it means we have a good while to wait until we see what else Yacht Club has up their sleeves.

New Shovel Knight DLC has a Name and Release Date


I try really hard to be more that just a shill for games i like or am excited for. But i am only human, so please forgive me this one small divergence into fanboyism:

OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODIMSOEXCITED. Shovel Knight was insainly good and the first of the free DLC, “Plague of Shadows” did not disappoint either. So seeing this fills me with so much joy that i’m pretty much incapable of being anything other than excited. Sure, it’s possible that when we see the first bit of gameplay it’ll look like shit and give us the impression that Yacht Club Games has gone off the deep end, but i doubt that’ll be the case. As for right now, this is right near the top of my “most anticipated games” list.

Yacht Club Creating TWO New Shovel Knight Campains

Shovel Knight was One of 2014’s best games and the Plague of Shadows DLC was a remarkable add on that played differently and felt truly unique while still feeling stylistically consistent. The best part? It was free. I would have happily paid the asking price for the main game again ($15) for the DLC it was that good, but the team at Yacht Club games decided not to bother. And now it’s been confirmed they are working on two new campaigns. Like last time these will put you in the shoes of the base games bosses and tell the stories of what they were up too before shovel knight pogo-ed off their heads.

This time around you’ll be able to play as King Knight


and Specter Knight


each in their own campaigns using abilities designed for them. I am freaking stoked. There are certain games i just can’t help but get excited for and this is one of them.

In a conversation on Twitter Yacht Club informed me that there is no set release date yet, but they are hoping that by doing both campaigns at once they can cut down on the time between the two coming out. Hears to hoping we get the first one sometime this yer.

SO what are you’re thought? Are you excited to do back to the would of Shovel Knight? leave a comment below and let me know.