There’s Value In The Struggle: How Dark Souls Made Me A Better Student
I talk about how one of my favorite games impacted my school life for the better.

A Little Less Violence Wont Hurt Anyone
I take a look at the state of modern gaming in a world of mass shootings, and give some thoughts on gamers reactions on non-violent games.

New IP’s Don’t Deserve Collectors Editions
I go on a small rant about Collectors Editions for New Franchises.

Augmenting Politics: On Mankind Divided and the Use of Political Iconography in Games
I look into and give my thoughts on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s appropriation of modern political terminology, the good it can do and the ways it can all go wrong.

The Games I’m Thankful For
For Thanksgiving 2016 I took a look at a few of the games that have had a real impact on my life in a few different ways.

The Good Ol’ Days are Still Ahead of Us
I open 2017 with a positive look towards the future of gaming.

The Challenge of Difficulty
I talk a little about what makes a game “Difficult” and what makes a game “Frustrating”

Fun Isn’t Everything
Video Games can be so much more that simply fun, so why don’t we let them be?